Claire Bulman

Rapid Transformational therapist | Performance Coach


 Empowering You to Thrive

Hi, I’m Claire! Getting the best out of your life is about having a focused connection to where you want to go, eliminating the barriers and  developing mental resilience to get there.

My Story

My career has taken me to all corners of the globe. I have worked for large corporations in diverse places such as Panama, Tokyo, USA, Asia/Pacific, and the UK.

Working with individuals one-on-one and building confidence in teams.  I’m fascinated by the mind and how it works.

The common factor in my roles has been my ability to establish a connection with my client and achieve their desired outcome. Empowering them with the skills to perform under pressure.

My background in psychology enables me to help high-performance individuals create the mental skills to perform with excellence day in and day out. To help you breakthrough what is holding you back and developing strategies that empower you to forge ahead.

My Values & Beliefs

Follow your light and path

People often look at others and what they are doing. Comparisons are pointless and self-defeating. Focus on what gives you joy and be the best version of you.  

Daily pratices make the difference

Establishing what I call ‘dailies’ which could be anything from daily visualizations to breathing exercises. So when that big or challenging moment comes you are unconsciously ready for it.

Do what you are doing

Each and every day be present in what you are doing. This will unlock the secrets of the thing that you do, helping you to excel and live more joyfully.

My Approach

A have a flexible framework that can be adapted to your needs. I start with an initial chat so you and I can agree a way forward. Once we have confirmed what you want and the value to you, together we will develop a focused connection to your goals.

RTT will break through any barriers, and/or self-sabotage, and the coaching will develop your motivation and resilience.

This is done by building strategies in mental readiness, distraction control, and through the development of trust in your skills and mindset. Enabling you to perform with excellence under all conditions. 

By changing your mindset you will change your life.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!